gedit 2.14.1 crashes on exit

Marcin Gondek drixter at
Sat Apr 1 19:41:11 UTC 2006

Dnia 01-04-2006, sob o godzinie 22:23 +1000, Michael Tran napisał(a):
> Installed gnome 2.14 by removing all of my previous gnome 2.12
> packages and using marcusmerge to retrieve and combine my ports tree. 
> Everything is working fine except closing gedit.
> gedit comes back with an error message everytime you close the
> program.  It doesn't matter if you were working on a document or two,
> or if you had just ran the application.  The message is:
> "The Application "gedit" has quit unexpectedly"
> Please find attached some more information.
> Anyone else having the same problem?  If not, any ideas on what I
> should try?  Have I missed any important packages?

I can confirm, I have the same issue.

Marcin Gondek

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