marcusmerge failure with relative SRCDIR

Jean-Baptiste Quenot jbq at
Sat Apr 1 10:18:52 UTC 2006


It seems that when using a relative path for SRCDIR, marcusmerge

$ MARCUSMERGE_SRCDIR=tmp/marcus MARCUSMERGE_SUPFILE=/usr/local/share/cvsup/ports-supfile sudo ./marcusmerge -u
First we have to check out the ports module from
Please type 'anoncvs' as your password.

Logging in to :pserver:anonymous at
CVS password:
===> Checking out the ports module.
===> Checkout done.
===> Merging files into the ports directory
tmp/marcus/ports --> /usr/ports
ls: tmp/marcus/ports: No such file or directory
===> Merging done.

When I use an absolute path for MARCUSMERGE_SRCDIR it works.

BTW, thanks for providing the next Gnome!
     Jean-Baptiste Quenot
aka  John Banana Qwerty

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