ANNOUNCE: GNOME 2.12.1 has been merged into the ports tree

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Fri Nov 4 23:42:54 PST 2005

Now that the freeze in preparation for FreeBSD 6.0 is over (an excellent
release to be sure), it is my great pleasure (on behalf of the FreeBSD
GNOME Team) to announce the general availability of GNOME 2.12 for

The official release notes for GNOME 2.12 can be found at  FreeBSD-specific
documentation can be found at  The
documentation has been updated, but it will be a little while before the
website rebuilds.

Upgrading from GNOME 2.10 to 2.12 is tricky.  You should NOT use
portupgrade by itself to do this upgrade.  Instead, download the
gnome_upgrade script from  This script is
a wrapper for portupgrade that contains additional logic to steer clear
of some potential pitfalls with the upgrade.  If you're used to
gnome_upgrade from previous releases, a lot has changed in this release.
You should run (or with the -h
flag to get the new usage.

In keeping with FreeBSD GNOME tradition, we held a splash screen contest
to find a great FreeBSD-specific splash screen for our users.  This
release's winner is Dominique Goncalves <dominique.goncalves at>
whose winning splash screen was inspired by  All of our submitters'
work has been integrated into x11/gnomesession, and you can use Franz
Kalmmer's great splashsetter (deskutils/splashsetter) to choose the
splash screen you like best.

Another important bit of news related to GNOME 2.12 is that we are no
longer supporting this release on FreeBSD 4.X.  You must be running
FreeBSD 5.3 or higher to get GNOME 2.12 support. 

Finally, the FreeBSD GNOME team would like to extend a special thanks to
all of our testers, especially those that submitted patches:

Matthew Luckie <mjl at>
sajd on #freebsd-gnome
Caelian on #freebsd-gnome
Yasuda Keisuke <kysd at>
Mark Hobden <markhobden at>
Sergey Akifyev <asa at>
Andreas Kohn

As always, consult our excellent site at
if you need help.  If you can't find the answer you're looking for
there, come on over to #freebsd-gnome on FreeNode, or drop us an email
at freebsd-gnome at  Enjoy GNOME 2.12 for FreeBSD.

Marcus on behalf of the FreeBSD GNOME Team

Joe Marcus Clarke
FreeBSD GNOME Team      ::      gnome at
FreeNode / #freebsd-gnome
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