HEADS UP: Realtime update support added to battstat

Vladimir Chukharev chu at kemia.me.tut.fi
Thu Jun 30 15:35:00 GMT 2005

You wrote:

> If you're running 5.X or higher, and have been longing for realtime
> battery status updates in the battstat applet, apply this patch to devd:
>Then rebuild and restart devd.  Next, cvsup your ports tree, and rebuild
> gnomeapplets2.  When you restart GNOME, you should find that battstat
> will update as soon as you unplug your laptop without driving up the
> CPU.
>I talked with Warner about getting this patch put into devd officially,
> and he says he's for it.  Once this happens, it should be much easier to
> get access to devd events from userland.
>To get devd working, do the following after downloading my patch:
># cd /usr
> # patch -p < /path/to/devd.diff
> # cd src/sbin/devd
> # make all
> # make install
> # etc/rc.d/devd restart
>Let me know what you think.
> Joe Marcus Clarke
> FreeBSD GNOME Team      ::      gnome at FreeBSD.org
> FreeNode / #freebsd-gnome
> http://www.FreeBSD.org/gnome

I tried it. After addition of the Battery Monitor to a panel
it did detect the status and a change of the status correctly,
but in a minuite or so with unplugged power supply, it crashed.

Probably related things. Since an upgrade of gdm about
a week ago I constantly get two messages when I log in.
First is that I have wrong permissions for file .dmrc ,
though I created an empty file with this name and with
indicated permissions/owner. Second, that panel is already

Well, while typing this I tried a few times to
connect/disconnect the power, it did not crash again.

Best regards,

Oops, the report from bugbuddy disappered... Sorry.

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