Linux DC++ port created, want test or help?

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Thu Jun 23 18:36:46 GMT 2005

On Mon, 20 Jun 2005 18:27:41 -0500, Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at> wrote:

> Hello folks,
> I have created a linuxdcpp port, it has some stability problems but runs  
> pretty well so far. It uses GTK2 and libglade2 stuff. It won't be in  
> ports tree for a while until the author makes the decision for change  
> name or not and when tarball is released. Also, it's not very active  
> project but update depend on like two to five times in weeks or a month.  
> I have created a tarball with date for version when I checkout from CVS  
> and put it in my freefall space.
> WWW:
> Screenshot:
> Port: (binary is  
> dcpp, btw)

I have bumped PORTREVISION, be sure to remove your old linuxdcpp and let  
new linuxdcpp.shar to create a new one.

> As for FreeBSD 4.x user, I wouldn't be surprised if it will need to add  
> USE_GCC=3.4 in Makefile. Maybe not, but don't report to me unless you  
> are going to bother create a patch. are more info:
> 1) I disabled the BinReloc ( and prefix.hh) stuff complete.  
> BinReloc needs to die. However, I replaced all of those to DATADIR path.
> 2) I had to disable atomic, because it wouldn't compile. If anyone know  
> how to patch it, please feel free to do it and send it to me. It's small  
> and is in ${WRKSRC}/client/Thread.h .

Done, fixed and enable. Few people in #freebsd-gnome (IRC) have helped me  
until jylefort has helped me in the final stage that works very well.

> 3) It doesn't respect the PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS, I am not sure  
> how to do with scons yet.

I think I am going to disable the auto-check of pthread and enable it by  
default with respect PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS. I will think about  
it later and try to google to get more info about scons.

> PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER to get it compiles. I don't remember what's  
> right way to do it, but I will checking in mplayer-plugins or some other  
> port that I don't remember what I did. If it's right, then it's great.

I found, it was in mplayer-plugins. Here's url what marcus has done to it.

I don't know if I should do it too, since linuxdcpp works very well so far  
with just rename. I don't know what matter. :-)

> 5) I hope, I did it right for FD_SETSIZE stuff. files/patch-config.h
> 6) Sometimes it would get disconnect for no reason, but it will  
> auto-connect by itself. Maybe Linux has the same problem.

Seem fixed with the atomic enable. I have connected five different hubs  
for many hours without get disconnect.


> 7) I think, the hash is slow. Maybe Linux has the same problem.
> I think, that's all for now. Have fun!
> Cheers,
> Mezz

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