firefox 1.0.4 compilation failure

Vladimir Kotal vladimir.kotal at
Thu Jun 16 09:26:56 GMT 2005

On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 04:23:43AM -0400, Michael Johnson wrote:
> update print/freetype2 to 2.1.9 and retry
> >

After upgrade, I got another failure:

c++ -o nsDeviceContextGTK.o -c -DNATIVE_THEME_SUPPORT
-DUSE_MOZILLA_TYPES -I../.. -I./. -I./.. -I./../shared -I./../freetype
-I./../x11shared -I/usr/X11R6/include -I/usr/local/include/freetype2
-I/usr/local/include    -I../../../dist/include/xpcom
-I../../../dist/include/string -I../../../dist/include/widget
-I../../../dist/include/view -I../../../dist/include/util
-I../../../dist/include/pref -I../../../dist/include/uconv
-I../../../dist/include/unicharutil -I../../../dist/include/locale
-I../../../dist/include/necko -I../../../dist/include/content
-I../../../dist/include/dom -I../../../dist/include/layout
-I../../../dist/include/imglib2 -I../../../dist/include/xprintutil
-I../../../dist/include/gfx -I../../../dist/include
-I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include  -I/usr/local/include/freetype2
-I/usr/local/include -I/usr/X11R6/include   -fPIC  -I/usr/X11R6/include
-I/usr/local/include  -I/usr/X11R6/include  -I/usr/X11R6/include -fno-rtti
-fno-exceptions -Wall -Wconversion -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align
-Woverloaded-virtual -Wsynth -Wno-ctor-dtor-privacy -Wno-non-virtual-dtor
-Wno-long-long -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -D_THREAD_SAFE -pipe
-DNDEBUG -DTRIMMED -O  -I/usr/local/include/atk-1.0
-I/usr/local/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/local/lib/glib-2.0/include
-I/usr/X11R6/include/gtk-2.0 -I/usr/X11R6/lib/gtk-2.0/include
-I/usr/X11R6/include/pango-1.0 -I/usr/X11R6/include
-I/usr/local/include/freetype2 -I/usr/local/include
-I/usr/X11R6/include -I/usr/local/include  -I/usr/X11R6/include
-I/usr/X11R6/include -DMOZILLA_CLIENT -include ../../../mozilla-config.h
In file included from /usr/X11R6/include/X11/Xft/Xft.h:35,
                 from nsDeviceContextGTK.cpp:78:
/usr/local/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:20: #error "`ft2build.h'
hasn't been included yet!"
/usr/local/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:21: #error "Please always
use macros to include FreeType header files."
/usr/local/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:22: #error "Example:"
/usr/local/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:23: #error "  #include
/usr/local/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:24: #error "  #include
nsDeviceContextGTK.cpp: In function `void
xlfd_from_pango_font_description(GtkWidget *, const PangoFontDescription
*, nsString &)':
nsDeviceContextGTK.cpp:1115: warning: unused variable `char * tmp'
gmake[4]: *** [nsDeviceContextGTK.o] Error 1
gmake[4]: Leaving directory
gmake[3]: *** [libs] Error 2
gmake[3]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/www/firefox/work/mozilla/gfx/src'
gmake[2]: *** [libs] Error 2
gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/www/firefox/work/mozilla/gfx'
gmake[1]: *** [tier_9] Error 2
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/www/firefox/work/mozilla'
gmake: *** [default] Error 2
*** Error code 2

Stop in /usr/ports/www/firefox.

List of packages on my system:

COL-aclcheck-0.10   Cisco ACL checker port
COL-backup-1.4      Backup system client
COL-checks-1.5      Checks
COL-daemon-check-1.4 Daemon check
COL-ipf-2.6         "Proprietary IPF package"
COL-ipv6gen-0.3     IPv6 prefix generator
COL-pdf2html-1.3    Czech On Line version of pdf2html converter used by webmail
COL-ports-update-1.5 Ports collection update system
COL-racsd-1.7.3     RADIUS server
COL-radclient-0.12  Library and test binary for racsd AAA daemon
COL-stat-0.1        Print inode contents with speciall timeval
COL-stat-timeval-0.1 Print inode contents with speciall timeval
ImageMagick- Image processing tools
Mesa-3.4.2_2        A graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
ORBit-0.5.17        High-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language
OpenSSH-askpass- Graphical password applet for entering SSH passphrase
R-1.9.0             A language for statistical computing and graphics
XFree86-4.3.0,1     X11/XFree86 core distribution (complete, using mini/meta-po
XFree86-FontServer-4.3.0 XFree86-4 font server
XFree86-Server-4.3.0_2 XFree86-4 X server and related programs
XFree86-clients-4.3.0_1 XFree86-4 client programs and related files
XFree86-documents-4.3.0 XFree86-4 documentation
XFree86-font100dpi-4.3.0 XFree86-4 bitmap 100 dpi fonts
XFree86-font75dpi-4.3.0 XFree86-4 bitmap 75 dpi fonts
XFree86-fontCyrillic-4.3.0 XFree86-4 Cyrillic fonts
XFree86-fontDefaultBitmaps-4.3.0 XFree86-4 default bitmap fonts
XFree86-fontEncodings-4.3.0 XFree86-4 font encoding files
XFree86-fontScalable-4.3.0 XFree86-4 scalable fonts
XFree86-libraries-4.3.0_1 XFree86-4 libraries and headers
Xaw3d-1.5           A 3-D Athena Widget set that looks like Motif
Xft-2.1_3           A client-sided font API for X applications
aalib-1.4.r5_1      An ascii art library
acroread-5.06_1     View, distribute and print PDF documents
adns-1.0_1          Easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library and ut
atk-1.6.1           A GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
atk-1.8.0           A GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
atk-1.9.1           A GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
aumix-gtk-2.8_2     Audio mixer for X11, terminal, or command line
autoconf-2.13.000227_5 Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms 
autoconf-2.53_1     Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms
autoconf-2.57_1     Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms 
automake-1.4.5_9    GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (legacy version 
bash-2.05b.004      The GNU Bourne Again Shell
bind84-8.4.4        The Berkeley Internet Name Domain, an implementation of DNS
bison-1.75_1        A parser generator from FSF, (mostly) compatible with Yacc
cabextract-0.6      A program to extract Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) files
chmlib-0.3.1_2      A library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files
cidr-2.3.2          RFC 1878 subnet calculator / helper
ctorrent-1.3.4      BitTorrent Client written in C for FreeBSD and Linux
cups-base-  The Common UNIX Printing System: headers, libs, & daemons
curl-7.12.1         Non-interactive tool to get files from FTP, GOPHER, HTTP(S)
cvsup-without-gui-16.1g General network file distribution system optimized for CVS 
db41-4.1.25_3       The Berkeley DB package, revision 4.1
dia-0.94_2,1        Diagram creation program, similar to Visio
docbook-4.2         V4.2 of the DocBook DTD, designed for technical documentati
docbook-xml-4.2_1   XML version of the DocBook DTD
docbook-xsl-1.64.1_2 XSL DocBook stylesheets
dri-4.3.0,1         OpenGL hardware acceleration drivers for XFree86
dsssl-docbook-modular-1.78_2,1 DSSSL stylesheets for the DocBook DTD by Norman Walsh
dummyflash-1.0_1    Silently consume flash MIME types
ethereal-0.10.3     A powerful network analyzer/capture tool
expat-1.95.7        XML 1.0 parser written in C
flac-1.1.0_3        Free lossless audio codec
flow-tools-0.66_1   Suite of tools and library to work with netflow data
fontconfig-2.1_6    An XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
freeradius-1.0.2    A free RADIUS server implementation
freetype-1.3.1_2    A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
freetype2-2.1.9     A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
gcc-3.3.1_20030804  GNU Compiler Collection 3.3
gdb-5.3_1,1         GNU GDB 5.3 developmental snapshot
gdbm-1.8.3_1        The GNU database manager
gettext-0.11.5_1    GNU gettext package
gettext-0.12.1      GNU gettext package
gettext-0.13.1_1    GNU gettext package
gftp-2.0.17         A free multithreaded GTK-based GUI ftp and sftp client
ghostscript-gnu-7.05_4 GNU Postscript interpreter
gimp-1.2.3_2,1      the GNU Image Manipulation Program
gle-3.0.3           A GL Tubing and Extrusion Library
glib-1.2.10_8       Some useful routines of C programming (previous stable vers
glib-2.2.3          Some useful routines of C programming (current stable versi
glib-2.4.1          Some useful routines of C programming (current stable versi
glib-2.6.4          Some useful routines of C programming (current stable versi
gmake-3.80          GNU version of 'make' utility
gnomehier-1.0_21    A utility port that creates the GNOME directory tree
gnomehier-2.0_6     A utility port that creates the GNOME directory tree
gtk-1.2.10_9        Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (previous stable version)
gtk-2.4.1           Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable version)
gtk-2.6.7           Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable version)
gv-3.5.8_2          A PostScript and PDF previewer
help2man-1.33.1     Automatically generating simple manual pages from program o
hicolor-icon-theme-0.5 A high-color icon theme shell from the FreeDesktop project
hping-2.0.0r2_2,1   Network auditing tool
imake-4.3.0         Imake and other utilities from XFree86
intltool-0.30_1     Xml internationalization support for GNOME, and others
ipcalc-0.35_1       IP Calculator
ipv6calc-0.45       Convert, change and calculate with IPv6 addresses
iso8879-1986_2      Character entity sets from ISO 8879:1986 (SGML)
jadetex-3.12_1      A TeX backend for Jade, for typesetting SGML documents
jasper-1.701.0      An implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 s
javavmwrapper-1.4   Wrapper script for various Java Virtual Machines
jbigkit-1.4         Lossless compression for bi-level images such as scanned pa
jpeg-6b_1           IJG's jpeg compression utilities
lame-3.96.1         ISO code based fast MP3 encoder kit
lapack-3.0          A library of Fortran 77 subroutines for linear algebra
lcms-1.09           Light Color Management System -- a color management library
lftp-2.6.4          Shell-like command line ftp client
libIDL-0.8.2        A library for creating trees of CORBA Interface Definition 
libao-0.8.4_1       Portable audio output library
libart_lgpl2-2.3.17 Library for high-performance 2D graphics
libflash-0.4.10     GPL Flash (TM) Library
libfpx-      Library routines for working with Flashpix images
libglade2-2.5.1_2   GNOME glade library
libgnugetopt-1.2    GNU getopt library
libiconv-1.8_2      A character set conversion library
libmng-1.0.4        Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference library
libmpeg2-0.4.0b_1   A free library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 video streams
libnet-devel- A C library for creating IP packets (development version)
libogg-1.1,3        Ogg bitstream library
libpcap-0.8.3       Ubiquitous network traffic capture library
libtool-1.3.5_2     Generic shared library support script (version 1.3)
libtool-1.4.3_3     Generic shared library support script (version 1.4)
libvorbis-1.0.1,3   Audio compression codec library
libwmf-      Tools and library for converting Microsoft WMF (windows met
libwww-5.4.0_1      The W3C Reference Library
libxml2-2.6.7       Xml parser library for GNOME
libxslt-1.1.4       The XSLT C library for GNOME
linux-edonkey-core-0.50.1,1 eDonkey2000 'core' command line client
linux-expat-1.95.5_2 Linux/i386 binary port of Expat XML-parsing library
linux-fontconfig-2.1_2 Linux/i386 binary of Fontconfig
linux-netscape-navigator-4.8 Linux Netscape navigator web-surfboard
linux_base-7.1_2    The base set of packages needed in Linux mode
m4-1.4_1            GNU m4
mkcatalog-1.1       A maintainance utility for sgml catalog files
mkisofs-2.0.3_2     Create iso9660/Rock Ridge/Joliet filesystems
mpg123-0.59r_13     Command-line player for mpeg layer 1, 2 and 3 audio
nasm-0.98.38_1,1    General-purpose multi-platform x86 assembler
net-snmp-5.0.6      An extendable SNMP implementation
net-snmp-5.0.9      An extendable SNMP implementation
net-snmp-5.1.1_1    An extendable SNMP implementation
netpbm-10.14        A toolkit for conversion of images between different format
netperf-2.3.1       Rick Jones' <raj at> network performance benchmarki
netscape-remote-1.0_1 Utility to pass commands to running netscape process
netscape-wrapper-2000.07.07 Netscape wrapper to avoid multiple invocation and more
nmap-3.30           Port scanning utility for large networks
nsping-0.8          DNS "ping"
nspr-4.3_2          A platform-neutral API for system level and libc like funct
open-motif-2.2.2_1  Motif X11 Toolkit (industry standard GUI (IEEE 1295))
openntpd-3.6.1p1,2  OpenBSD's Network Time Protocol daemon
openssl-0.9.7c      SSL and crypto library
p5-Digest-1.10      Modules that calculate message digests
p5-Digest-HMAC-1.01 Perl5 interface to HMAC Message-Digest Algorithms
p5-Digest-MD5-2.33  Perl5 interface to the MD5 algorithm
p5-Digest-SHA1-2.10 Perl interface to the SHA-1 Algorithm
p5-File-Spec-0.90   A Perl module for portably manipulating file specifications
p5-MIME-Base64-3.05 Perl5 module for Base64 and Quoted-Printable encodings
p5-Net-DNS-0.51     Perl5 interface to the DNS resolver, and dynamic updates
p5-Net-IP-1.23      Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses
p5-Net-Telnet-3.03  Perl5 module to access and use telnet protocol
p5-Net-Telnet-Cisco-1.10 Perl5 module to telnet to Cisco routers
p5-PodParser-1.28_2 Modules to work with POD (Plain Old Documentation)
p5-Term-ReadKey-2.30 A perl5 module for simple terminal control
p5-Test-Harness-2.42 Run perl standard test scripts with statistics
p5-Test-Simple-0.54 Basic utilities for writing tests in perl
p5-Unicode-Map8-0.12 Mapping table between 8-bit chars and Unicode
p5-Unicode-String-2.07_1 These are experimental Perl5 modules to handle various Unic
p5-XML-Parser-2.34_1 Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, expat
p5-gettext-1.01_4   Message handling functions
pango-1.4.0         An open-source framework for the layout and rendering of i1
pango-1.6.0         An open-source framework for the layout and rendering of i1
pango-1.8.1         An open-source framework for the layout and rendering of i1
passivetex-1.24     XSL FO processor, written in TeX
pcre-4.5            Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
pkgconfig-0.15.0    An utility used to retrieve information about installed lib
png-1.2.5_2         Library for manipulating PNG images
popt-1.6.4_2        A getopt(3) like library with a number of enhancements, fro
portupgrade-20040325_1 FreeBSD ports/packages administration and management tool s
pppd-2.3.11         PPP daemon which uses ppp line discipline
proftpd-1.2.10      Highly configurable ftp daemon
psi-0.9             A Qt-based Jabber client
pstree-2.17         List processes as a tree
pwgen-1.15_1        A simple password generator
pwm-1.0_1           A lightweight window manager with emphasis on usability
py23-bsddb-2.3.5_2  Python bindings to the Berkeley DB library
py23-gtk-2.6.2      A set of Python bindings for GTK
py23-imaging-1.1.4  The Python Imaging Library
py23-numeric-23.0   The Numeric Extension to Python
py23-tkinter-2.3.2_1 Python bindings to the Tk widget set
py23-wxPython- Python bindings for the wxWidgets/GTK GUI toolkit
python-2.3.2_1      An interpreted object-oriented programming language
python-2.3.5        An interpreted object-oriented programming language
qssl-2.0            QSSL is a Qt plugin that helps applications use OpenSSL
qt-3.2.1            A C++ X GUI toolkit
qt1-1.45_2          A C++ X GUI toolkit
racoon-20021120a    KAME racoon IKE daemon
rc_subr-1.16        Common startup and shutdown subroutines used by scripts
rdesktop-1.2.0      RDP client for Windows NT Terminal Server
rlytest-1.22        Test an SMTP host for third-party relay
rpm-3.0.6_9         The Red Hat Package Manager
ruby- An object-oriented interpreted scripting language
ruby18-bdb1-0.2.2   Ruby interface to Berkeley DB revision 1.8x with full featu
rxp-1.2.5           A validating XML parser written in C
scanssh-1.60b_1     Scanssh scans a subnet and reports the version of SSH insta
screen-4.0.2        A multi-screen window manager
sdocbook-xml- "Simplified" DocBook XML DTD
shared-mime-info-0.11 A MIME type database from the FreeDesktop project
skype-      P2P VoIP software
speex-1.0.4,1       An open-source patent-free voice codec
sudo-1.6.6_1        Allow others to run commands as root
swig-1.1p5_9        Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
t1lib-1.3.1         A Type 1 Rasterizer Library for UNIX/X11
tcl-8.4.4_1,1       Tool Command Language
tcpreplay-2.2.2     A tool to replay saved packet capture files
teTeX-2.0.2_3       Thomas Esser's distribution of TeX & friends
tiff-3.5.7          Tools and library routines for working with TIFF images
tightvnc-1.2.9      Enhanced version of VNC
tin-1.6.2_2         Easy-to-use threaded newsreader with NOV/NNTP support
tk-8.4.4,1          Graphical toolkit for TCL
trafshow-3.1_1      Full screen visualization of the network traffic
transfig-3.2.4      Tools to convert Xfig's .fig files
ttmkfdir-0.0_1      Create fonts.scale file for use with TrueType font server
umix-1.0.2          Advanced tool for adjusting soundcard mixers, replacement f
unrar-3.30_1,3      Extract, view & test RAR archives
unzip-5.50          List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive
urwfonts-1.0        Another font package for X
uulib-0.5.20        A library for uu/xx/Base64/BinHex/yEnc de-/encoding
vim-lite-6.1.365    Vi "workalike", with many additional features (Lite package
vorbis-tools-1.0.1_3,3 Play, encode, and manage Ogg Vorbis files
webfonts-0.21_1     TrueType core fonts for the Web
wget-1.8.2_3        Retrieve files from the Net via HTTP and FTP
wrapper-1.0_2       Wrapper for XFree86-4 server
wxgtk-2.4.2_1       The wxWindows GUI toolkit with GTK+ bindings (unstable vers
wxgtk-common-2.4.2_1 The wxWidgets GUI toolkit (common files)
wxgtk2-2.4.2_3      The wxWidgets GUI toolkit (GTK2 version)
xautolock-1.15      Used to activate xlock after a user defined time of inactiv
xchm-0.9.1          Windows HTML Help (.chm) viewer for UNIX
xfig-3.2.4          A drawing program for X11
xhtml-1.0.20000126  W3C's XHTML DTD
xlockmore-5.13      Like XLock session locker/screen saver, but just more
xmlcatmgr-2.0.b1    SGML and XML catalog manager
xmltex-1.9_1        A non-validating XML parser, written in TeX
xpdf-2.01_1         Display PDF files, and convert them to other formats
xscreensaver-4.18   Save your screen while you entertain your cat
xsystrace-0.1       X-based user notification interface for systrace
xv-3.10a_3          An X11 program that displays images of various formats
zip-2.3_1           Create/update ZIP files compatible with pkzip

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