Possible gnome bug? math/R 2.1.0 graphics device: Error in X11() : could not find any X11 fonts - Check that the Font Path is correct

Jeffrey Racine racinej at mcmaster.ca
Mon Jun 13 19:21:28 GMT 2005


First, I reported this to the ports group, but they (and I) confirmed
that this appears to be a gnome specific problem (that is, under X/twm
it runs fine). Any/all suggestions are most welcome.

Basically, R 2.1.0 was just committed to the ports tree. However, for
some reason it cannot find any fonts. When I try to do a something
simple, e.g.

> demo(persp)

        ---- ~~~~~

Type  <Return>   to start :

> if (dev.cur() <= 1) get(getOption("device"))()
Error in get(getOption("device"))() : could not find any X11 fonts
Check that the Font Path is correct.

Any graphics device that writes to screen also reports this.

I have scoured newsgroups, the R archives etc. and see one complaint
about this but no resolution. Any help is much appreciated. This occurs
on a 5.4 stable system and 6.0 current both running gnome 2.110. The
previous version (R 2.0.1) ran just fine out of the box under gnome..

Many thanks for any help/suggestions.

-- Jeff

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