Port upgrade: www/firefox. Added GUI selection support

jannisan at t-online.de jannisan at t-online.de
Thu Jun 9 06:50:56 GMT 2005

>Huh? This is ridiculous. Why would our user base want the ability to
>disable XUL? And why would the majority of our users want the ability
>build against GTK1? We're trying to get people as far away from GTK1
>possible. And IIRC, firefox won't build against Xlib anyway and will
>ignore such a request and build against GTK2 anyway.

It doesn't ignore that request and was built just fine with Xlib-support
without having GTK2 installed on my system. I have an Athlon 500 and
applications using GTK2 are generally too slow to be really usable,
especially Firefox. Using Xlib instead of GTK2 and disabling XUL made
Firefox quite fast and usable again on my system.

I didn't test GTK1 support.

>If a user wants to disable XUL for some reason, he or she can. But
>cluttering up the OPTIONS menu to disable something like XUL is
>pointless, unless disabling XUL does more than I think (which it very
>well might, in which case please give me some more info). Just because
>it can be disabled doesn't mean every single firefox user needs to be
>confronted with the choice to do so.

I thought, there are a lot of people who own a slower system or just
prefer faster browsing experience to some GTK2 eye candy.
My build really works fine and is faster. I don't miss GTK2 a bit.

So I came to the conclusion, that everybody should have the choice
between pretty (GTK2 and XUL) and fast (Xlib without XUL) browsing.

I hope this choice will be included in the port (I don't really care
whether in OPTIONS or with a documented -DVAR flag).


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