gamin bug (was Re: gamin vs fam)

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Wed Jun 8 21:34:34 GMT 2005

On Sun, 05 Jun 2005 15:30:38 -0700
Sean McNeil <sean at> wrote:

> Although I agree with Mezz that gamin rocks, there is a bug that still
> exists with regards to soft symlink directories.

Two bugs, actually. One in FAM, and one in Nautilus. But none in Gamin.

> Try this:
> cd ~
> mkdir dir1
> ln -s dir1 dir2
> bring up nautilus and look at dir1.
> touch dir1/file1
> all is perfect.  Now, look at dir2 with nautilus.
> touch dir1/file2
> never shows.
> It would appear that a request to monitor a directory that is a symlink
> will not monitor the actual directory it is pointing to.
> I think this works with fam.  I seem to remember seeing it do the right
> thing.

>From gam_kqueue.c:
states that FAM does not follow monitored symbolic links: we do the
same (note that regarding,
we do what FAM should do: we do not call g_dir_open() if the file is
a symbolic link).

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