gnome-2.10 menu's

P.U.Kruppa root at
Sun Jun 5 03:49:02 GMT 2005

On Sun, 5 Jun 2005, Jayton Garnett wrote:

> This might have been covered before but since im new to this list...
> I've been looking around and found no help on editing the menu's on
> gnome-2.10. On the site it says edit the .desktop
> files, but i cant find them. does anyone know where they are or how to
> edit them?

You can find them by
# locate .desktop
Most of them are placed in
If you are running linux apps you will find some more 
../applications/ directories.
You can create/edit them with your favourite editor.

The idea is, that every application should come with it's own 
ready made .desktop files and that users should keep their 
fingers off menu configurations. Probably this is a very bad 



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