SVG <text> (not) rendering with mozilla/mozilla-devel

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> I've been playing with SVG and Inkscape recently in an attempt to design
> a logo. With the image located at
> , I do not see any text.
> However, I see a few blotches of white, the text's colour. This happens
> with both libart on mozilla-devel and cairo on mozilla. I'm currently
> rebuilding mozilla-devel to use cairo for SVG.
> is the relevant bug
> in BZ. The issue that I'm seeing is quite curious, however, because
> neither libart nor cairo render the HTML-embedded images which *should*
> work in the page linked to from that bug.
> I'm not sure of whether this is my local installation, or something
> else. Can anyone confirm?

I am using Opera 8.0 Final and I can view all texts in , but I can't  
view text in . Perhaps, it's  
pigritia1.svg problem rather than browser?


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