A few problems with X.org desktop

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at cox.net
Mon Jun 28 18:31:22 PDT 2004

On 27-Jun-2004 Piotr Smyrak wrote:
>> Well, I've made considerable progress since.  I've rebuilt *all* of 
>> the base GNOME ports, and can now login to a session.  However, for
>> some reason, I can't get the icons back that I had before.  My
>> default desktop icons (Computer, Trash, etc.) all appear as the
>> simple "page" type of icon, and the same in a nautilus window.
>> Anyone know how to fix this?
> Do you have the gnome-theme\* ports installed?

Yes, I tried reinstalling various theme and icon ports and their
dependencies for a while, even clearing out all the .gnome*, etc. dirs
in my home dir, but the problem persisted.

Overnight, I rebuilt *everything*, every port on the system (God, I
love this Athlon 64!).  All back to normal now.

Wish I could have pinpointed the exact cause of the problem to provide
some more useful feedback here, but I just got tired and resorted to
the sledgehammer approach.  :-)

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