gnome2.6.1/gstreamer-plugin-0.8.2 install problem

Punahele Tannehill puna at
Mon Jun 28 15:35:14 PDT 2004

Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:17:31 -0500, Punahele Tannehill  
> <puna at> wrote:
>> While compiling x11/gnome2 on a fresh install of FreeBSD 4.10, I'm 
>> stuck  at a prompt during gstreamer-plugin-0.8.2 that is asking for a 
>> file to  patch.  It is trying to install gstreamer-plugin-0.8.2 as a 
>> dependency  of gstplay-0.8.1, which appears to be a dependency of 
>> cdplayer_applet2.
>> Do I need to manually install a base installation of gstplay-0.8.1 to  
>> continue?
> Try to 'rm -rf /usr/ports/multimedia/gstreamer-plugins/*' then CVSup 
> and  try it again. I am able to complete the build here.

I usually do not install the src and ports collection from the CD, 
opting instead to take the time to CVSup.  I now have a real reason to 
continue to do so.

After CVSup and clearing ports/distfiles, it installed.  Thank you!


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