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S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2002/06/17] ports/39390 gnome       Make graphics/imlib not depend upon GTK+ 
o [2004/01/04] ports/60876 gnome       x11/gdm2 sets overly-high display frequen
o [2004/04/07] ports/65296 gnome       noise with esd a day later (audio/esound)
a [2004/04/15] ports/65590 gnome       www/mozilla, www/mozilla-devel, www/firef
o [2004/06/04] ports/67552 gnome       Teach fontconfig about gs fonts
o [2004/06/15] ports/67970 gnome       ports textproc/libxml, textproc/libxslt: 
o [2004/06/17] ports/68060 gnome       Mozilla freezes opening a link clicking b
f [2004/06/25] ports/68344 gnome       firefox 0.9_4 : crash at startup! how to 

8 problems total.

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