New gstreamer-plugins patch available

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Thu Jun 24 10:42:06 PDT 2004

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 00:26:11 -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke  
<marcus at> wrote:

> Please test this patch to update gstreamer-plugins to 0.8.2.  I have it
> running here, and it fixes all the issues I was seeing with earlier
> versions of 0.8.x.  For one, I can now play all my MP3s again.  I've
> also added support for the DTS decoder, so if you can test that, please
> do.
> Note: this port also uses the new gconf layout.

Works for me, but bummer about that it still can't compile with XviD.

I still need to run gdb with the core of it sometime soon. It's easy to  
get core file if you have like 30 video files in a folder. When, it tries  
to create the thumbnail and I close it early without let it gets finish;  
it will dump the core. You can go ahead commit this, because this core has  
been there since 8.0.


> Joe

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