firefox conversion of old resources

Sean McNeil sean at
Sun Jun 20 23:12:01 PDT 2004

I've been getting a core dump when I type in things to a form.  Turns
out there must be some incompatable or improper conversion going on and
I haven't got a clue where in the world it is getting the info to

I've completely removed ~/.mozilla.  Then when I start firefox it gives
me a dialog about importing stuff from firefox 0.8, Firebird, or
Phoenix.  I select that.  It says they were successfully imported. 
firebird is locked up.  Can't type in anything.

So I kill it and start it again.  All my old history is there!  Where
did it come from?

Now, if I go to a site that has a form and try to type something in, it
core dumps. but if I delete the formhistory.dat that the import made,
I'm OK and it seems to remember new stuff just fine.

By the way, this is with an amd64 machine, so there might be issues with
the import and 64 bit machines.  In either case, I hope it gets fixed. 
Do you think this is sufficiently generic a problem to file some sort of
bug report on firefox?


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