firefox 0.9 does not work

Joe Kelsey joe at
Wed Jun 16 13:41:11 PDT 2004

I just upgraded firefox 0.8 to firefox 0.9 and now I cannot even start
the browser!  The first time it started, it came up with a configuration
box, and I let it go with the "upgrade from 0.8" box checked (although I
cannot remember the exact wording...).  Since then, whenever I type
"firefox", it pauses briefly and eventually exits with no messages
printed out at all.  I tried reinstalling with -DWITH_LOGGING on the
make command line, but that has not changed the behavior.

So, currently I have no access to firefox, whereas I used to get
wonderful service.  How do I get it to print anything at all at me
during loading so I can get some idea where it fails and attempt to fix
whatever has happened?


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