ports/67970: ports textproc/libxml, textproc/libxslt: bogus dependencies on devel/pkgconfig

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Wed Jun 16 05:58:10 PDT 2004

Pav Lucistnik wrote:

> V st, 16. 06. 2004 v 13:10, Oliver Eikemeier píše:
>>  Similarly security/clamav-devel now run-depends on pkgconfig, although
>>  I'm not aware of a single application using pkgconfig to link with
>>  libclamav (www/mod_clamav links with libclamav, but does so without
>>  using pkfconfig, and works fine without it being present at run time).
> Because clamav developers added .pc file to 20040606 snapshot of
> development branch, so I guess there isn't yet much applications which
> use .pc file for linking clamav libraries.
> Similarly with openssl, we artificially ignore his .pc file, because we
> have it included in base and are using CFLAGS/LDFLAGS hackery hidden
> behind USE_OPENSSL macro.
> Both were pretty bad examples, man.

I guess not, since they exemplary show how libraries can be useful 
a run time dependency in pkgconfig. IMHO it should be no problem to 
the .pc file in the base and add libdata/pkgconfig to the mtree files,
especially since there are more ports that have problems with that.

OTOH you seem to selectively ignore the other samples given, which does 
seem very wise to me either. I can not understand why you have such an
emotional relation to a plainly wrong dependency.

And I may note that until know nobody provided me with a sample of an
application that won't build/run when the dependency on linxml on 
simply would be removed, possibly adding a build time dependency to the
application, where it belongs.

Why do you guys have such problems with that? Am I touching the holy 
gnome cow
here and insulting you personally? There may be a lot of ports involved, 
the fix should be easy, and in the end people will be able to run (not 
gnome without having pkgconfig installed.

And could please someone tell me what this `clean up' and reference 
stuff that has been mentioned is about?


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