firefox, linux-mozillafirebird and flash/realplayer

Kaarthik Sivakumar kaarthik at
Tue Jun 15 19:32:13 PDT 2004


(I am CCing the maintainers of www/firefox and
www/linux-mozillafirebird ports here, as listed in the respective

I currently run linux-mozillafirebird because that is what used to
support the flash plugin and realplayer plugin, using
www/linux-flashplugin and multimedia/linux-realplayer. I see that
linux-mozillafirebird is not getting upgraded to the linux version of
firefox anymore. Is this because native builds of firefox can support
flash and realplayer (I am not sure how it will support realplayer
since there doesnt seem to be a native version of it, but it could
possibly support the native version of flash)? I dont see anything in
/usr/ports/UPDATING about this. If www/firefox supports flash and
realplayer, is there a doc where I can read how to set this up?


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