Need feedback/review, a big change in AbiWord2 port.

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at
Tue Jun 8 06:09:09 GMT 2004


I have maken a big changes in AbiWord2 port, what I have done:

	- Clean up to make it looks nicer.
	- Change from to configure; it works fine with tweaks.
	- No longer wv check for the conflict, which it depends on textproc/wv
	  rather than the one include AbiWord's tarball. I have tested my Mom
	  and sister's docs from their work/school and they works fine with wv
	  port. I don't see any problem or slowdown.
	- Force AbiWord to check/compile everything what apps that are
	  installed (headers, libraries, etc) from ports rather than check and
	  use the stuff that are included in tarball such as wv, zlib, libpng,
	  popt and etc.
	- Change the default spell from Enchant to Aspell, because it doesn't
	  work at all unless you compile Enchant with the Aspell support. I
	  think, it's waste to depend on Enchant by default.

	  Also, I have removed the check of Enchant. I prefer to see force
	  user to want use Enchant if they know what to do with it. I need the
	  help on write the better comment in @${ECHO_CMD} about this.
	- Add the new WITHOUT_GTKSPELL knob to allow us not depend and install
	  either Aspell or Enchant, but the spell checker will be still enable
	  and dictionary will be install. The spell checker works fine in my
	  test so far.
	- Add the new WITH_HTML_HELP_BROWSER knob to allow us install the Help
	  docs. This cover the ports/66623, but I personal still would like to
	  see use the DOCSDIR path.

	  The vote is still open for if you dislike put Help docs in Makefile
	  and rather to create a seperate port, just give a shout.

	  mezz   = Makefile
	  marcus = seperate port, unless Makefile doesn't turn into mess.

At last, here's diff:

After collect the feedbacks and commit, I will try to take the look at  
create a new spereate port for AbiWord2 plugins.

I think, that's all for now. /me goes to grab some beers and take the  


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