Bad links with *.a libs for shared objects and bad patch

Tim Robbins tim at
Wed Jun 2 03:00:51 GMT 2004

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 07:12:56PM -0700, Sean McNeil wrote:
> While compiling all the ports over from i386 to amd64 arch, I found a
> few I use had issues with making shared libraries with non-shared libs
> that were compiled without -fPIC.
> These were:
> multimedia/mpeg4ip
> mail/evolution
> What I ended up doing to get these to build was add the following to my
> /etc/make.conf temporarily to build them:
> CFLAGS= -O -pipe -fPIC

multimedia/mpeg4ip is (unfortunately) known to be broken on amd64 right now.
Hopefully I will find some time to fix it this week.


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