The git equivalence of base/release/X.Y.0 in SVN

Yasuhiro Kimura yasu at
Fri Mar 5 09:11:41 UTC 2021

From: sasha vigole <sasha.vigole at>
Subject: The git equivalence of base/release/X.Y.0 in SVN
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2021 12:09:09 +0330

> CQ Hallo.
> There are 4 branches in git: main, stable/\*, releng/\*, and
> vendor/\*.
> There is base/release/X.Y.0 in SVN. Is git going to have an
> equivalence?
> TNX 73 30 Sasha

In subversion world branches and tags share same namespace. But in git
world they use different ones. And in FreeBSD src git repository, main,
stable/* and releng/* belong to branches and release/*.*.* belongs to

% cd /usr/src
% git tags

show all tags of FreeBSD src git repository. And you'll find
release/*.*.* are included in them.

% git checkout <TAG>

check out specified tag. So if you want to get source tree of
release/12.2.0, you should do as following.

% cd /usr/src
% git checkout release/12.2.0

Yasuhiro Kimura

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