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Philip Paeps philip at
Sat Feb 20 06:52:19 UTC 2021

On 2021-02-20 14:39:27 (+0800), Daniel Ebdrup Jensen wrote:

> On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 02:34:36PM +0800, Philip Paeps wrote:
>> On 2021-02-20 12:36:27 (+0800), Daniel Ebdrup Jensen wrote:
>>> I had a thought the other day, that it would be nice if the subject
>>> message sent to src-commiters and doc-commiters (and the 
>>> branch-specific
>>> mailing lists) included the repo in question.
>>> For example, a mail sent to doc-commiters looked something like this
>>> git: <hash> - doc/main - <commit header>
>>> Ie. the only thing that's added is the "doc/" part.
>>> I already mentioned this in #gitcvt on EFnet, but jhb@ asked me to 
>>> send
>>> it in as an email.
>>> jhb@ also pointed out that there are mail-headers, which I wasn't 
>>> aware
>>> of, but I still think it would be great to have it in the subject. 
>>> :)
>>> Naturally, this doesn't need to go to the top of the TODO list ;)
>> This sounds very redundant.  The doc commit mails already go to a 
>> separate mailing list from the src commit mailing list.  And as jhb 
>> pointed out: there are X-headers in the message to tell you the repo 
>> (and more) too.
>> The downside of this is that people reading commit mail in narrow 
>> windows will see even less of the actual subject of the commit than 
>> we see now.
> The problem is that for all of us who're forwarding, to a (in my case
> hosted) gmail account because we access mail from multiple systems and
> FreeBSD (reasonably enough) doesn't offer IMAP services, can't really
> filter on the mail headers such as X-Git-Repository - at least not 
> that
> I've been able to find.
> I guess I'll go look for another solution then.

Can't you simply filter on the To: header?

If the Subject: header is the only thing you can filter on, that's 
pretty terrible.

Amusingly, we did have 'src' and 'doc' and 'ports' in the Subject: 
header when we were using CVS.  That went away when we migrated to 
Subversion.  What did you filter on between 2008 and 2020?


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