gitrepo warning upon push

mike tancsa mike at
Thu Feb 18 00:44:53 UTC 2021

Hi Ed,

    Would this have the side effect of halting git to svn merges ?  The
last update to the svn repo for RELENG12 was

# svnlite update
Updating '.':
At revision 369282.

which is ~ 28hr ago (before the openssl mfc)


On 2/17/2021 6:53 PM, Ed Maste wrote:
> It looks like we have some cleanup that needs to be automated.
> % git push freebsd stable/12
> ...
> remote: warning: The last gc run reported the following. Please
> correct the root cause
> remote: and remove gc.log.
> remote: Automatic cleanup will not be performed until the file is removed.
> remote:
> remote: warning: There are too many unreachable loose objects; run
> 'git prune' to remove them.
> remote:
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