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> Hi folks,
> I'd like to raise the question whether gitup(1) [1] can be included in
> base?

On the whole, this is likely the right call.  However, I have some

* It has reached a good maturity level

It seems adequate and seems to work for most of the main cases. However,
it's still quite new which history suggests is a risk. I'd characterize it
as beta quality since it works for the main cases and the rate of bugs
we've seen in the past suggests there will be additional bugs.

> * John Mehr reacts quite fast to issues

That mitigates the beta level of maturity somewhat though....

> * It makes the base system complete and suitably replaces svnlite

It's not clear that there's a consensus that we require this functionality
in the base for it to be complete.... There's also not a clear consensus
that there shouldn't be one in the base....

> * It does not impose the huge complexity and dependency hierarchy of the
> original Git client on admins and other non-developers

This is quite true. This helps mitigate the risk of importing it. However,
there's a lot of things happening in the git world that make it hard to
know for sure. There's efforts to replace the hash algorithm, for example.

> I've been testing back and forth in various combinations and it serves
> quite well on a test machine here.

I think that on the whole this is a good idea, but with proper framing to
mitigate future risks. If we put this into stable/13, then we're
effectively committing to it for the next 3-odd years. This could land us
in trouble should there need to change directions and use a different
solution. We normally make stability guarantees for stable branches, and
this brand-new software presents a risk in our ability to execute on this...


> Michael
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