Referencing git commit in the comment of Bugzilla

Adriaan de Groot adridg at
Fri Feb 5 11:04:43 UTC 2021

On Friday, 5 February 2021 01:46:44 CET Yasuhiro Kimura wrote:
> Doc and src have already migrated to git and ports will follow soon.
> In this situation it's quite possbile that bug reporter wants to
> reference git commit in the comment of bug report submitted to
> Bugzilla. Then is there standard(?) way to do it? As for subversion
> syntax such as "base r123456" or "ports r778899" is provided. And I
> expect similar one is provided for git.

Since a "git commit" has a hash, there is no nice number-that-always-goes-up 
to specify a commit; there **is** the hash, though, which might be


That is a long and annoying string, and since *usually* there are no 
collisions, git provides "short hash" notation: a unique prefix of the commit 
hash is enough. In the specific repository I'm working in,


is enough: 9 characters instead of 40. In a different repo (FreeBSD ports, as 
it happens), asking for a short hash (of a different commit) gives me


so 12 characters. The commit before that one was


which shows there is no nice number-that-always-goes-up property.

To get the hash, use (for instance) `git log -1`; to get the shorter one, use 
`git log -1 --abbrev-commit`. You could add an alias ("slog", for short-log) 
adding `--abbrev-commit` if you always want to see the short hash; do note 
that the short hash can become *longer* later in history if a prefix collision 
does happen.

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