New FreeBSD snapshots available: main (20200903 c122cf32f2a)

Xin Li delphij at
Thu Sep 24 04:50:09 UTC 2020

[resent to a public mailing list for the record]

I have successfully completed an update from 12.1-RELEASE (official) to
13.0-20200910 (from git) for amd64 with no significant issue discovered.

A few observations:

1) running freebsd-update install twice without rebooting after the
first would severely damage the installation, because the old kernel
lacks some system calls and eventually rendered /bin/sh unusable, even
after a reboot.

Following installation instructions strictly will work just fine.  We
may want to say somewhere in the release notes or announcement, that the
user should really do reboot after the first `freebsd-update install`
for the upgrade.

2) Both etcupdate and freebsd-update have some problem handling
/etc/motd (with a recent change, /etc/motd become a symlink).
freebsd-update will ask if the file should be deleted (I kinda wanted it
to leave the file as-is and let rc.d scripts to perform the migration).

3) The lack of $FreeBSD$ expansion doesn't seem to cause problems for
either of freebsd-update and etcupdate.


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