Plans for git (was: Please check the current beta git conversions)

Theron theron.tarigo at
Wed Sep 2 17:38:39 UTC 2020

On 2020-09-02 12:47, Steve Kargl wrote:
> Checking out /usr/src as user at
>    svn checkout svn+ssh:// /usr/src
>    git ...
> Checking out /usr/src without account
>    svn checkout ${HOME}/freebsd/src
>    git ...

"which svnlite" -> /usr/bin/svnlite
(from /usr/src/usr.bin/svn)

"which git" -> /usr/local/bin/git
(from /usr/ports/devel/git)

After the transition, will FreeBSD base contain the tool for the cloning 
the FreeBSD repository (not one of the mirrors?)

Is there a plan to have 'git' or one of its clones added to the base system?

Surprisingly, I can't seem to find any prominent discussion / debate on 
"git in base" (the tool itself).


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