Please check the current beta git conversions

Olivier Certner olivier.freebsd at
Wed Sep 2 13:16:53 UTC 2020


> > 2.5 GB in .git directory sounds crazy and incomprehensible to me.
> 2.5GB is for the full history, if you only care about the main branch,
> you can clone with:
> (snip)

I do not reproduce this, but instead see `du` reporting 1.2GiB just after a 
simple clone (no options), which AFAIK contains the whole history.

I have a complete mirror of SVN that I update with scripts around `svnrdump 
dump` and `svnadmin load`, and its size is 6.1GiB (I pack it regularly).

For the record, here are the sizes of the `.svn` directories of some checkouts 
I currently have:
- stable/12 at rev 355888: 1.9GiB
- stable/12 at rev 361580: 2.4GiB
- head at rev 361584: 2.7GiB
I must point out that I don't remember the exact creation history of these. It 
is probable that, to create new ones, I did full copies (`cp -a`) of an old 
one followed by `svn switch`. Don't know if this can have an influence on 
these numbers (didn't test with pristine checkouts).

Important tip: When using `du`, don't forget to pass the '-A' option, 
especially if using ZFS + compression.

Olivier Certner

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