Plans for ports & doc?

Warner Losh imp at
Fri Oct 9 17:22:25 UTC 2020

On Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 6:49 AM David Wolfskill <david at> wrote:

> Now that I believe I have figured out how to track multiplpe branches
> (in my case, head and stable/12) for FreeBSD sources using git (as
> I had done with CVS and have been doing with svn), I plan to set
> up the "machinery" to track the (test) src repo (and switch to the
> "real" repo once it is available).  [I will still be using svn for the
> sources I use to keep up-to-date, of course.]
> Do we have test ports and doc repos yet?  Or are those to be addressed
> later?  (If this has already been brought up, I apologize -- a pointer,
> rather than re-copying, would be quite sufficient.)

Repos are present. use 'ports' or 'docs' where you'd use 'src'.


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