Another svn-git oddity

Ed Maste emaste at
Tue May 26 18:21:00 UTC 2020

>> > > The affected commits:
>> > >   svn      git                   Headline
>> > > r300828 00d578928e Create branch for bhyve graphics import.
>> > > r300829 b1cfc58d46 Initial bhyve native graphics support.
>> > > r302332 6775e12557 Import bhyve_graphics into CURRENT. Thanks to all who
>> >
>> > These commits still exist in uqs's latest prototype conversion, with hashes:
>> > 953b4a972bec
>> > 8efdfe5ee821
>> > 6d7144acee3e
>> r300828 branched (only) usr.sbin/bhyve/ to the top level directory,
>> which is represented in the git conversion as deleting everything
>> else. It's this that is the root cause of the git subtree trouble, I
>> believe. The actual changes come in r300829, merged in r302332.
>> Uli, do you think we could just omit r300828 (and r300829) from the
>> svn2git conversion? This is a slight revision to the actual history,
>> but I think no information is really lost -- the merge in r302332
>> includes the full commit message of the only change that was made on
>> the branch.
> SGTM, I've added these to the exclusion list for the next incarnation.

I still see these in the latest iteration, commits

I'm looking at the converter now...

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