svn primer translation to git

Renato Botelho garga at
Thu Jun 25 12:56:25 UTC 2020

On 24/06/20 13:34, Ed Maste wrote:
> We currently have a FreeBSD Subversion primer in the committer's guide:
> I've started a translation of this into a Git primer, at:
> I'm particularly interested in feedback on how much git background /
> theory of operation we want to include here (vs referring to external
> documentation).

Thank you for writing this document!

Based on what I saw in other projects when people moved to git, a common 
mistake that happens is people abusing `git pull` and creating merges 
where it's not desired, like in main branch when bringing remote changes 
to local modified repository.  Maybe it's worth to add a paragraph 
saying some words about always use rebase instead of merge.

Renato Botelho

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