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Tue Jun 9 22:32:39 UTC 2020

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, Ed Maste writes:
> I'm pleased to share the Git Working Group's beta version of the
> FreeBSD doc, ports, and src repositories. You can browse the
> repositories at:
> and the three individual repositories are:
> Compared to the current git mirror repos (on GitHub) Ulrich has put in
> a lot of effort to fix svn2git (svn-all-fast-export) to handle
> mergeinfo and address other issues, so that the git conversion
> correctly represents vendor branch merges, tag operations, etc. This
> work is still ongoing as we work through the long tail of oddities in
> our Subversion history, so a caution is in order:
> These are for experimental purposes only at this point, and should not
> yet be used for production purposes.
> An initial goal is to have maintainers of 3rd party ("contrib")
> software in FreeBSD clone and check the history of their individual
> components, and to start experimenting with managing vendor branches
> in the git model. A lot more detail will be provided in the near
> future, but I wanted to share the repository links so that interested
> parties can start working with these new repos.

Do we have any doc on managing contrib using the git model?

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