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Dan Langille dan at
Tue Aug 18 13:23:26 UTC 2020

On Tue, Aug 18, 2020, at 3:44 AM, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> On Tuesday, 18 August 2020 03:19:26 CEST Dan Langille wrote:
> > I am quickly realizing that in order for FreshPorts to track src commits it
> > needs to query every branch. There does not seem to be any other way to
> > know that a commit ocurred on stable/12 without a checkout of stable/12
> If you have the full repo (e.g. a normal clone) then you might be able to use 
> something along this line:
> git log --branches --since 2020-08-16 --source --raw | grep ^commit
> (the important bit is --branches to include all of them, and --source to 
> include the source). I don't have a FreeBSD repo at hand, but my work-repo 
> (which currently has some other branch checked out) gives me this kind of 
> output:
> commit 36cefe3be10c707a2cdfaedd14fddee5cda31f50 hotfix-
> commit eb44d0c6be18c1ced99d5a8c1b1a6a1a0e653be2 hotfix-
> commit 24efce0c1d5601a77ad2b919cf0cf387231add76 calamares
> commit 5db4195b7e3e507a34f84e041b15a4aa86ed32da hotfix-
> commit 34946ecdee90584caf255fcca732c021e1dc1832 hotfix-
> commit 1a7b2668dc1e341b493990b99e9a0cc4530d32cd hotfix-
> This gives me branches for each commit hash in the given range. The branches 
> you see mentioned here diverged before the date range given. I can't say 
> anything about performance, here -- my little test repo only has ~8000 commits 
> going back six years.
> (Turning this command-line into a collection of libgit calls is left as an 
> exercise for the reader)

FYI, FreshPorts is using devel/py-pygit2 which uses devel/libgit2 :)

After a git pull, I same up with this:

[dan at devgit-ingress01:~/src/freebsd/freebsd] $ git log --branches --since 2020-08-17 --source --raw | grep ^commit
commit ef1942cafc385f2ebc7e4a7a5f5679bb1a4b0d78	stable/12
commit 3889b52f5c73875df9a28180c4b1b4a07bf0042a	stable/12
commit 9fc2a101135102074391b6ff28b825b082410ffa	master
commit a9a7211e27bfe2bec89b08899b977a4677728d97	master
... several lines omitted from this paste
commit 5853f38da725897c25a505ce62675e31aca27f26	master
commit 1b47d5c7b7fb338daf65ccf05b9df0d9e93d11ae	stable/12

Let's try a date time in there:

[dan at devgit-ingress01:~/src/freebsd/freebsd] $ git log --branches --since "2020-08-17 23:00:00" --source --raw | grep ^commit
commit ef1942cafc385f2ebc7e4a7a5f5679bb1a4b0d78	stable/12 
commit 3889b52f5c73875df9a28180c4b1b4a07bf0042a	stable/12

Those were both at 23:40 yesterday.

The current approach is: I have this commit, show me all the commits after that: hash..HEAD

That works on a branch-by-branch basis.

This may be a potential issues: The --since & --branches approach requires a date/timestamp. If we always use the timestamp of the last time we asked, will we skip over commits?

Humor me while I contemplate URLs.  

The 3889b52f5c73875df9a28180c4b1b4a07bf0042a commit translates to:

The format seems to be: - URL to repo

blob - some abstraction

stable/12 - branch

sys/sys/ata.h - path to file

Compared to head/master:

The only difference: stable/12 -> master : very straight forward.

Thank you.

  Dan Langille
  dan at

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