SVN Revision-Like IDs in Git

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Fri Aug 7 01:26:58 UTC 2020

On Thu, Aug 6, 2020, 4:01 PM Sideropoulos, Alexander <
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> Hey folks,
> According to this page...
> ...there are no plans to provide an SVN-revision-like ID for Git commits
> once the switch-over happens.
> At NetApp, we rely on the SVN revision number to uniquely identify our
> FreeBSD baseline and every cherry-picked patch we apply on top of it. We
> could update all our tooling to accept Git hashes, but this is not a small
> task. And I imagine we are not the only downstream project reliant upon SVN
> revision numbers.
> Since the SVN revision ID is really just an arbitrary number, has there
> been any thought in simply continuing to manufacture these numbers for Git
> commits going forward? It could even be a post-commit operation where the
> Git notes are updated with a unique (increasing) ID, just as is done today.
> Thoughts?

Git has the ability to generate a number of commits since the last tag (or
maybe arbitrary tag). That is appropriately the same thing if you don't
need temporal stability between branches...


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