FreshPorts status update 2020.08.01

Dan Langille dan at
Sat Aug 1 22:06:07 UTC 2020

Hello folks, is processing commits from each of these repos:

* freebsd
* freebsd-doc
* freebsd-ports (both head and quarterly)


Code has migrated from devel/py-gitpython to devel/py-pygit2, which is the python interface of libgit2.


Commits on branches are not displaying correcting, but I'm sure that's a display issue, not a database issue.


When looking at a quarterly branch check of freebsd-ports, I will want to get a list of all commits on that branch.  Perhaps this is just the GitHub UI.

Looking at - it contains non MFH commits.

If you scroll back to the MFH commits eventually disappear and we are left with commits not on the branch.

I tried this:

$ git branch
* branches/2020Q3
$ git log --first-parent --no-merges

But that goes back to Tue May 24 08:59:45 1994 +0000 (Hello rgrimes <rgrimes at>). I mention this only because that's the first commit.

This seems to be the best solution: git log master..HEAD

Suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

  Dan Langille
  dan at

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