Reconsider switching from svn to git?

Grzegorz Junka list1 at
Sat Feb 25 00:36:52 UTC 2017

On 22/02/2017 00:46, Ed Maste wrote:
> On 21 February 2017 at 18:47, Warner Losh <imp at> wrote:
>> For small commits, I agree. For longer lived project branches,
>> however, there can be issues. Specifically, in svn, when you delete a
>> branch, it just marks it as empty, but you can get back to it at any
>> point in the branch. In git, however, deleting a branch deletes the
>> meta-data needed to get back to the branch (as does rebasing). We'd
>> need some way to administratively prohibit this, perhaps, for the
>> source of truth repo. I have no clue if this is possible with git,
>> just putting it out there.
> Ok, we could easily disallow any destructive activity on a
> source-of-truth git repo, including force (non-fast-forward) pushes
> and branch deletion.

This could be also easily solved by having a backup server with 
restricted access. The main server could be a remote for that backup 
server. Then the backup server wold periodically pull all changes (git 
fetch main_server). This would backup all branches ever pushed to the 
remote server.


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