Reality-checking the github repository...?

David Wolfskill david at
Thu Feb 23 22:35:53 UTC 2017

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Given the demonstration of SHA-1 collision-creation, one of
my colleagues at work (where we use the github repo) asked if I might try
comparing a pristine svn head working copy against a (purportedly)
corresponding git repo.

For my first try, I created a shiny new local clone of the repo we
actually use internally, checked the latest entry (from "git log") that
showed a "Notes" field:

    svn path=/head/; revision=313813

and accordingly used "svn up -r 313813" to update the svn working copy
to (what shohld be) the same point.

I then issued:
diff -ru -I '\$FreeBSD.*\$' ../svn/src FreeBSD >/tmp/svn_git at 313813_diff.txt

While I rather expected the first "difference" identified:

Only in ../svn/src: .svn

I was quote surprised to find 64 more "Only in ../svn/src/...." lines.
(I have attached a copy of the file.)

Is this expected?

Then, after some discussion with my colleague, I directed a Web browser
to <>, selected "Clone or download";
saw that "Download ZIP" was an option, and then -- on the command line
-- ran:


which ran uneventfully.

A subsequent:


nattered on at some length about inflating, creating, extracting various
file system-resident objects rather uneventfully... until the end, which
looked like this:

  inflating: freebsd-master/usr.sbin/zzz/zzz.8  
  inflating: freebsd-master/usr.sbin/zzz/  
finishing deferred symbolic links:
  freebsd-master/contrib/tcpdump/README ->
  freebsd-master/share/i18n/csmapper/APPLE/INUIT%UCS.src -> # $FreeBSD$^J# $NetBSD: INUIT%UCS.src,v 1.1 2006/03/13 19:45:36 tnozaki Exp $^J^JTYPE^I^IROWCOL^JNAME^I^IINUIT/UCS^JSRC_ZONE^I0x00-0xFF^JOOB_MODE^IILSEQ^JDST_ILSEQ^I0xFFFE^JDST_UNIT_BITS^I16^J^JBEGIN_MAP^J#^J# This mapping data is made from the mapping data provided by Unicode, Inc.^J# Original notice:^J#^J#=======================================================================^J#   File name:  INUIT.TXT^J#^J#   Contents:   Map (external version) from Mac OS Inuit^J#               character set to Unicode 3.0 and later^J#^J#   Contacts:   charsets at, everson at^J#^J#   Changes:^J#^J#       c01  2005-Apr-01    First posted version. Matches internal xml^J#                           <c1.1> and Text Encoding Converter 2.0.^J#^J# Standard header:^J# ----------------^J#^J#   Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple^J#   Computer, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.^J#   Unicode is a trademark of Unicode Inc. For the sake of brevity,^J#   throughout this document, "Macintosh" can be used to refer to^J#   Macintosh computers and "Unicode" can be used to refer to the^J#   Unicode standard.^J#^J#   Apple Computer, Inc. ("Apple") makes no warranty or representation,^J#   either express or implied, with respect to this document and the^J#   included data, its quality, accuracy, or fitness for a particular^J#   purpose. In no event will Apple be liable for direct, indirect,^J#   special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from any^J#   defect or inaccuracy in this document or the included data.^J#^J#   These mapping tables and character lists are subject to change.^J#   The latest tables should be available from the following:^J#^J#   <>^J#^J#   For general information about Mac OS encodings and these mapping^J#   tables, see the file "README.TXT".^J#^J# Format:^J# -------^J#^J#   Three tab-separated columns;^J#   '#' begins a comment which continues to the end of the line.^J#     Column #1 is the Mac OS Inuit code (in hex as 0xNN)^J#     Column #2 is the corresponding Unicode (in hex as 0xNNNN)^J#     Column #3 is a comment containing the Unicode name^J#^J#   The entries are in Mac OS Inuit code order.^J#^J#   Control character mappings are not shown in this table, following^J#   the conventions of the standard UTC mapping tables. However, the^J#   Mac OS Inuit character set uses the standard control characters^J#   at 0x00-0x1F and 0x7F.^J#^J# Notes on Mac OS Inuit (partly from Michael Everson):^J# ----------------------------------------------------^J#^J#   This is a legacy Mac OS encoding; in the Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa^J#   environments, it is only supported via transcoding to and from^J#   Unicode.^J#^J#   This character set was developed by Michael Everson of Everson^J#   Typography (everson at and was used for the Inuktitut^J#   localizations of Mac OS, as well as for the Inuktitut utilities^J#^Ipackage from Everson Typography. Note that while Apple authorized^J#   the Inuktitut localization mentioned above, it was not shipped with^J#   Apple hardware, and was not otherwise supported by Apple. Fonts^J#   conforming to the Mac OS Inuit character set are available from^J#   Everson Typography (^J#   Information about the use of this character set is available at ^J#^J#^J#   The Mac OS Inuit character set shares the script code smEthiopic^J#   (28) with the Ethiopic encoding. To determine if the Inuktitut^J#   encoding is being used, you must also check if the system region^J#   code is 78, verNunavut.^J#^J#   The Mac OS Inuit character set includes the full syllabic letter^J#   repertoire required for Inuktitut; it is a subset of the Unified^J#   Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics set encoded in Unicode. The encoding^J#   is InuitSCII, designed by Doug Hitch for the Government of the ^J#   Northwest Territories.^J#^J#   The Mac OS Inuit character set also includes a number of characters^J#   that were needed for the classic Mac OS user interface and^J#   localization (e.g. ellipsis, bullet, copyright sign). All of the^J#   characters in Mac OS Inuit that are also in the Mac OS Roman^J#   encoding are at the same code point in both; this improves^J#   application compatibility.^J#^J# Unicode mapping issues and notes:^J# ---------------------------------^J#^J# Details of mapping changes in each version:^J# -------------------------------------------^J#^J##################^J0x00 - 0x7E = 0x0000 -^J0x80 = 0x1403^J0x81 = 0x1404^J0x82 = 0x1405^J0x83 = 0x1406^J0x84 = 0x140A^J0x85 = 0x140B^J0x86 = 0x1431^J0x87 = 0x1432^J0x88 = 0x1433^J0x89 = 0x1434^J0x8A = 0x1438^J0x8B = 0x1439^J0x8C = 0x1449^J0x8D = 0x144E^J0x8E = 0x144F^J0x8F = 0x1450^J0x90 = 0x1451^J0x91 = 0x1455^J0x92 = 0x1456^J0x93 = 0x1466^J0x94 = 0x146D^J0x95 = 0x146E^J0x96 = 0x146F^J0x97 = 0x1470^J0x98 = 0x1472^J0x99 = 0x1473^J0x9A = 0x1483^J0x9B = 0x148B^J0x9C = 0x148C^J0x9D = 0x148D^J0x9E = 0x148E^J0x9F = 0x1490^J0xA0 = 0x1491^J0xA1 = 0x00B0^J0xA2 = 0x14A1^J0xA3 = 0x14A5^J0xA4 = 0x14A6^J0xA5 = 0x2022^J0xA6 = 0x00B6^J0xA7 = 0x14A7^J0xA8 = 0x00AE^J0xA9 = 0x00A9^J0xAA = 0x2122^J0xAB = 0x14A8^J0xAC = 0x14AA^J0xAD = 0x14AB^J0xAE = 0x14BB^J0xAF = 0x14C2^J0xB0 = 0x14C3^J0xB1 = 0x14C4^J0xB2 = 0x14C5^J0xB3 = 0x14C7^J0xB4 = 0x14C8^J0xB5 = 0x14D0^J0xB6 = 0x14EF^J0xB7 = 0x14F0^J0xB8 = 0x14F1^J0xB9 = 0x14F2^J0xBA = 0x14F4^J0xBB = 0x14F5^J0xBC = 0x1505^J0xBD = 0x14D5^J0xBE = 0x14D6^J0xBF = 0x14D7^J0xC0 = 0x14D8^J0xC1 = 0x14DA^J0xC2 = 0x14DB^J0xC3 = 0x14EA^J0xC4 = 0x1528^J0xC5 = 0x1529^J0xC6 = 0x152A^J0xC7 = 0x152B^J0xC8 = 0x152D^J0xC9 = 0x2026^J0xCA = 0x00A0^J0xCB = 0x152E^J0xCC = 0x153E^J0xCD = 0x1555^J0xCE = 0x1556^J0xCF = 0x1557^J0xD0 = 0x2013^J0xD1 = 0x2014^J0xD2 = 0x201C^J0xD3 = 0x201D^J0xD4 = 0x2018^J0xD5 = 0x2019^J0xD6 = 0x1558^J0xD7 = 0x1559^J0xD8 = 0x155A^J0xD9 = 0x155D^J0xDA = 0x1546^J0xDB = 0x1547^J0xDC = 0x1548^J0xDD = 0x1549^J0xDE = 0x154B^J0xDF = 0x154C^J0xE0 = 0x1550^J0xE1 = 0x157F^J0xE2 = 0x1580^J0xE3 = 0x1581^J0xE4 = 0x1582^J0xE5 = 0x1583^J0xE6 = 0x1584^J0xE7 = 0x1585^J0xE8 = 0x158F^J0xE9 = 0x1590^J0xEA = 0x1591^J0xEB = 0x1592^J0xEC = 0x1593^J0xED = 0x1594^J0xEE = 0x1595^J0xEF = 0x1671^J0xF0 = 0x1672^J0xF1 = 0x1673^J0xF2 = 0x1674^J0xF3 = 0x1675^J0xF4 = 0x1676^J0xF5 = 0x1596^J0xF6 = 0x15A0^J0xF7 = 0x15A1^J0xF8 = 0x15A2^J0xF9 = 0x15A3^J0xFA = 0x15A4^J0xFB = 0x15A5^J0xFC = 0x15A6^J0xFD = 0x157C^J0xFE = 0x0141^J0xFF = 0x0142^JEND_MAP^J
symlink error: File name too long
lchmod (file attributes) error: No such file or directory
lgld-dhw(11.0-S)[6] echo $?

Are the whines expected?  Is it also expected that the exit status
will be 0 when whines are issued?


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Only in ../svn/src: .svn
Only in ../svn/src/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/common: avl
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/apr/include: private
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/compiler-rt/lib/builtins: arm64
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/compiler-rt/lib/builtins: armv6m
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/ipfilter: net
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/libxo: m4
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/llvm/include/llvm/MC: MCAnalysis
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/llvm/lib/ExecutionEngine: JIT
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/llvm/lib/MC: MCAnalysis
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/llvm/tools/clang/lib/Headers: cuda
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/llvm/tools/lld/tools: linker-script-test
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/llvm/tools/lld: utils
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/llvm/tools/lldb/source/Plugins/Process: win-minidump
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: bf
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: bn
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: cast
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: des
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: dh
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: dsa
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: ec
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: ecdh
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: ecdsa
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: engine
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: evp
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: hmac
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: idea
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: lhash
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: md2
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: md4
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: md5
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: mdc2
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: rand
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: rc2
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: rc4
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: rc5
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: ripemd
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: rsa
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: sha
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: sha1
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: srp
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: threads
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/crypto/libcrypto: x509v3
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/dev/usb: libhid
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/dev/usb: t_hid
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libposix: bsd
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libposix: posix1
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libposix: posix2
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib: libtre
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/ofed/libibverbs: config
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/ofed/libmlx4: config
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/ofed/libmthca: config
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/traceroute: lbl
Only in ../svn/src/contrib/wpa/src: hlr_auc_gw
Only in ../svn/src/lib/libthr/arch: common
Only in ../svn/src/sys/amd64: compile
Only in ../svn/src/sys/arm: compile
Only in ../svn/src/sys/dev: ieee488
Only in ../svn/src/sys/i386: compile
Only in ../svn/src/sys/mips: compile
Only in ../svn/src/sys/modules: random
Only in ../svn/src/sys/powerpc: compile
Only in ../svn/src/sys/sparc64: compile
Only in ../svn/src/tools/tools/nanobsd/rescue: Pkg
Only in ../svn/src/usr.sbin/bsdconfig: fdisk
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