Tracking FreeBSD in a 3rd party product using git

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Mon Jun 2 20:28:54 UTC 2014


In this talk:

In the section "Talking about the rebase operation",
there seems to be some text missing which illustrates that
actual "git rebase" command used.

Do you have another copy of the presentation with the full text?

I think it is OK to have this on the iXsystems blog,
but I would rather see a copy of this on

This document is super useful.  Recently, I rebased
FreeNAS from FreeBSD 9 to FreeBSD 10.  It took me only a few days
to do the rebase and resolve conflicts.  Using something like Subversion,
it probably would have taken me weeks.

My opinion is that we should really promote using git as a good, solid
way to track FreeBSD in a third party product.


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