github and bugzilla integration testing

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Mon Dec 1 06:11:15 UTC 2014


I did the following:

(1)  Went to: clicked on
"Fork", and created
     a forked repo

(2)  Checked out the code and created a branch somefix1:

     git clone
     cd dummy-test
     git checkout -b somefix1

(3)  Modified foobar.txt, committed the change and pushed the branch:

     git add foobar.txt
     git commit foobar.txt
     git push origin somefix1

(4)  Went to , selected somefix1

(5)  Clicked "Compare & pull request".

(6)  Clicked "Create pull request"

(7)  This pull request was created:

(8)  Pull request 35 was closed.

(9) The following bugs were opened in Bugzilla:

It looks like you are opening two bugs, when you only need to open one.
Is this easy to fix?

This is looking great!  After you fix creating two bugs, what are the next
steps for this to be accepted
by bugmeister@ and integrated into the
and repositories?


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