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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/164254  geom       [geom] gjournal not stopping on GPT partitions
o kern/164252  geom       [geom] gjournal overflow
o kern/164143  geom       [geom] Partition table not recognized after upgrade R8
a kern/163020  geom       [geli] [patch] enable the Camellia-XTS on GEOM ELI
o kern/162010  geom       [geli] panic: Provider's error should be set (error=0)
o kern/161979  geom       [geom] glabel doesn't update after newfs, and glabel s
o kern/161752  geom       [geom] glabel(8) doesn't get gpt label change
o bin/161677   geom       gpart(8) Probably bug in gptboot
o kern/160562  geom       [geom][patch] Allow to insert new component to geom_ra
o kern/160409  geom       [geli] failed to attach provider
f kern/159595  geom       [geom] [panic] panic on gmirror unload in vbox [regres
p kern/158398  geom       [headers] [patch] <geom/geom.h> includes <sys/sbuf.h> 
o kern/158197  geom       [geom] geom_cache with size>1000 leads to panics
o kern/157879  geom       [libgeom] [regression] ABI change without version bump
o kern/157863  geom       [geli] kbdmux prevents geli passwords from being enter
o kern/157739  geom       [geom] GPT labels with geom_multipath
o kern/157724  geom       [geom] gpart(8) 'add' command must preserve gap for sc
o kern/157723  geom       [geom] GEOM should not process 'c' (raw) partitions fo
o kern/157108  geom       [gjournal] dumpon(8) fails on gjournal providers
o kern/155994  geom       [geom] Long "Suspend time" when reading large files fr
o kern/154226  geom       [geom] GEOM label does not change when you modify them
o kern/150858  geom       [geom] [geom_label] [patch] glabel(8) is not compatibl
o kern/150626  geom       [geom] [gjournal] gjournal(8) destroys label
o kern/150555  geom       [geom] gjournal unusable on GPT partitions
o kern/150334  geom       [geom] [udf] [patch] geom label does not support UDF
o kern/149762  geom       volume labels with rogue characters
o bin/149215   geom       [panic] [geom_part] gpart(8): Delete linux's slice via
o kern/147667  geom       [gmirror] Booting with one component of a gmirror, the
o kern/145818  geom       [geom] geom_stat_open showing cached information for n
o kern/145042  geom       [geom] System stops booting after printing message "GE
o kern/143455  geom       gstripe(8) in RELENG_8 (31st Jan 2010) broken
o kern/142563  geom       [geom] [hang] ioctl freeze in zpool
o kern/141740  geom       [geom] gjournal(8): g_journal_destroy concurrent error
o kern/140352  geom       [geom] gjournal + glabel not working
o kern/135898  geom       [geom] Severe filesystem corruption - large files or l
o kern/134922  geom       [gmirror] [panic] kernel panic when use fdisk on disk 
o kern/134113  geom       [geli] Problem setting secondary GELI key
o kern/133931  geom       [geli] [request] intentionally wrong password to destr
o bin/132845   geom       [geom] [patch] ggated(8) does not close files opened a
o bin/131415   geom       [geli] keystrokes are unregulary sent to Geli when typ
o kern/131353  geom       [geom] gjournal(8) kernel lock
o kern/129674  geom       [geom] gjournal root did not mount on boot
o kern/129645  geom       gjournal(8): GEOM_JOURNAL causes system to fail to boo
o kern/129245  geom       [geom] gcache is more suitable for suffix based provid
f kern/128276  geom       [gmirror] machine lock up when gmirror module is used
o kern/127420  geom       [geom] [gjournal] [panic] Journal overflow on gmirrore
o kern/124973  geom       [gjournal] [patch] boot order affects geom_journal con
o kern/124969  geom       gvinum(8): gvinum raid5 plex does not detect missing s
o kern/123962  geom       [panic] [gjournal] gjournal (455Gb data, 8Gb journal),
o kern/123122  geom       [geom] GEOM / gjournal kernel lock
o kern/122738  geom       [geom] gmirror list "losts consumers" after gmirror de
o kern/122067  geom       [geom] [panic] Geom crashed during boot
o kern/121364  geom       [gmirror] Removing all providers create a "zombie" mir
o kern/120091  geom       [geom] [geli] [gjournal] geli does not prompt for pass
o kern/115856  geom       [geli] ZFS thought it was degraded when it should have
o kern/115547  geom       [geom] [patch] [request] let GEOM Eli get password fro
o kern/114532  geom       [geom] GEOM_MIRROR shows up in kldstat even if compile
f kern/113957  geom       [gmirror] gmirror is intermittently reporting a degrad
o kern/113837  geom       [geom] unable to access 1024 sector size storage
o kern/113419  geom       [geom] geom fox multipathing not failing back
o kern/107707  geom       [geom] [patch] [request] add new class geom_xbox360 to
o kern/94632   geom       [geom] Kernel output resets input while GELI asks for 
o kern/90582   geom       [geom] [panic] Restore cause panic string (ffs_blkfree
o bin/90093    geom       fdisk(8) incapable of altering in-core geometry
o kern/87544   geom       [gbde] mmaping large files on a gbde filesystem deadlo
o bin/86388    geom       [geom] [geom_part] periodic(8) daily should backup gpa
o kern/84556   geom       [geom] [panic] GBDE-encrypted swap causes panic at shu
o kern/79251   geom       [2TB] newfs fails on 2.6TB gbde device
o kern/79035   geom       [vinum] gvinum unable to create a striped set of mirro
o bin/78131    geom       gbde(8) "destroy" not working.

70 problems total.

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