gstripe: delete one, and enlarge another partition?

Pawel Jakub Dawidek pjd at
Wed Jan 6 22:53:23 UTC 2010

On Wed, Jan 06, 2010 at 04:21:25PM -0300, Fernan Aguero wrote:
> | > /dev/stripe/gs0d    9.7G    604M    8.3G     7%    /usr/obj
> | > /dev/stripe/gs0e     29G    9.0G     18G    34%    /freebsd
> | > /dev/stripe/gs0f     29G    1.1G     26G     4%    /mirror
> | > /dev/stripe/gs0g     85G    5.9G     73G     8%    /scratch
> | > 
> | > gama# gstripe list
> | > Geom name: gs0
> | > Consumers:
> | > 1. Name: ad4s3
> | > 2. Name: ad6s3
> Yes I see what you mean. But I'm confused regarding what
> this box has. Both of these return similar info:
> bsdlabel /dev/ad4s3
> bsdlabel /dev/stripe/gs0 
> though the latter doesn't add the warnings (see below
> the output quoted in my first message) about partitions
> extendind past the end of the disk
> So, are the partitions done at the slice or at the stripe
> level? I'm afraid I don't have this documented in my notes,
> and I don't remember what I've done some years back!
> So summarizing, I do have
> i) slices on disks
> I guess I also have 
> ii) partitions on slices
> And the output of 'gstripe list' shows I also have
> iii) stripe on slices

When you write something to partition, it will also be visible on
stripe, on slice and on disk, but the order from the output above is
unambiguous: disk -> slices -> stripe -> partitions.

If you think about it more, you'll realize that it doesn't make sense to
partition slices, but use partitions on stripe.

> Anyway, after using bsdlabel, and editing the partition
> table for this stripe/slice, if I delete partition 'g' and
> then add its size to partition 'f', would gstripe _just
> work_ with the extended partition? Or do I need to newfs the
> 'f' partition?

You have to edit stripe, not slice. Then it will work. File system won't
grow automatically, but should still be visible with old size.

> Would growfs work on gs0f instead of newfs?

It should work in theory, but growfs(8) is a risky game to play, so you
are on your own there.

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