read/write benchmarking: UFS2 vs ZFS vs EXT3 vs ZFS RAIDZ vs Linux MDRAID

Dan Naumov dan.naumov at
Fri Jun 26 23:36:56 UTC 2009

To continue the subject of filesystem benchmarking (search the list
for READ results posted a few days ago), here are some write and
read/write results:

Methodology: /data/5M and /data/1M have 5GB of data each in
randomly-ordered chunks 5MB and 1MB in size, respectively.
/data/zero.bin is a contiguous 8GB file. A process writes a burst of
5MB to a random location in /data/zero.bin once per second; other
processes read chunks from /data/1M or /data/5M as appropriate (and as
fast as possible) until the entire 5G dataset is read.

Contiguous Write Performance:
Random Access Read/Write (5mb read chunks):
Random Access Read/Write (1mb read chunks):

These results are from the following forum thread:

- Dan Naumov

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