Abandoning gecko@ maintainership

Jan Beich jbeich at FreeBSD.org
Wed Sep 2 12:07:22 UTC 2015

I don't have much time to hack on gecko@ nowadays. It's caused by burnout
From trying to keep things I don't use working, the fast pace of upstream
development, my aged hardware and poor teamplay (mea culpa). Hopefully, this
answers the question of why many gecko@ bugs remain untriaged. If other
gecko@ members are also inactive then maybe it's time to disband the team.

So, good luck with the next www/firefox update (to 41.0+). Useful tips:

- To avoid rush prepare for releases[1] in advance using buindN candidates
- For a bit out-of-date list of ideas to work on see Gecko_TODO[2]
- Many patches are tracked[3] as issues/review on bugzilla.mozilla.org
- A few can be dropped[4] if prove to be hard to maintain
- Non-official buildbot[5] can be used for tracking upstream breakage

I'll probably keep www/firefox-esr up to date for esr38 lifecycle to avoid
security issues but no plans for after that. Not documenting my workflow as
it was way too inefficient.

[1] https://wiki.mozilla.org/RapidRelease/Calendar
[2] https://trillian.chruetertee.ch/freebsd-gecko/browser/trunk/Gecko_TODO
[3] https://developer.mozilla.org/Developer_guide/How_to_Submit_a_Patch
[4] files/patch-z-bug517422 and files/patch-bug1021761
[5] http://buildbot.rhaalovely.net/builders/mozilla-central-freebsd-amd64
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