MDCC - Mega Drive C Toolchain

Karsten Pedersen kpedersen at
Sat Apr 24 12:36:59 UTC 2021

Hi all,

In preparation for a games jam at work I put together a GCC based
toolchain for the Mega Drive. I thought I would post a link here
in case anyone finds it useful.

Really the majority of work was done from the SGDK and gendev
projects, all I did was reimplement the build system into a simple
shell script. I found the original "cross platform" Makefile system
to be very confusing and had a number of breakages on FreeBSD. This
script should be much easier to maintain.

Some really weird stuff was that it compiles z80 assembly files,
only to decompile them again into m68k assembly files to build them.
Presumably something to do with the sound chip.

I also removed the dependency on Java for building the embedded
resources. I use my own resources system (basically bin2h) so
didn't want to drag in Java just to build the toolchain. Later on
I plan to rewrite the Java tool (rescomp) into C or C++ anyway.



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