[Bug 248402] Add new virtual category: education

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Fri Nov 6 09:42:04 UTC 2020


--- Comment #12 from Mateusz Piotrowski <0mp at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to PauAmma from comment #10)
Oh, I'm sorry, I probably haven't read the original email proposing the

Personally, I'd be against adding moodle to "education", because I'd rather
keep this category end-user-oriented (i.e., mostly tools I can use on my
desktop machine to learn stuff).

However, I am not going to oppose moodle being inlcuded; there's probably
already too much bikeshedding already going on.

I guess that at this point we should wait for the portmgr at .

Thanks a lot for the work, PauAmma :)

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