[Bug 244897] New Port: games/libretro-* libretro cores for compatible emulators

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I've addressed the issues and checked for some extra issues with portlint to
make everything perfect. Some notes about the patches:

libretro-mame2003: The issue libretro-mame2003 had is with github itself. I've
tested yesterday and had the same issue, the download doesn't complete no
matter how many times you try. Sometimes it even downloads the file and
corrupts at some point, making the checksum invalid. I've tested the same port
without any extra modifications and now it works. It's not the first time this
happened to me.

libretro-opera: Fixed. It needs gcc9 to work.

libretro-uae: Not sure where is the problem, it compiles to me. I've
investigated a lot, the software generate some warnings but nothing that makes
the compilation stops like your log. Not sure what is wrong, should I delete
this port or try some early revision?

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