Suggestion to split games category into games-console, games-engine and games

Sid sid at
Sat Apr 20 20:30:27 UTC 2019

/usr/ports/games is already very large.
What about splitting up games in the ports tree into games, games-console and games-engine?

This way, games will be categorized by those that can be used without an x-window system, through CLI, ncurses or similar.
2d graphical games don't need to be separated from 3d games, because there is much overlap.
Game engines aren't out of the box games, and there are game engines spread out in devel, games, misc, net and net-p2p that can go in the same category. Maybe splitting in games-engine would require more discussion, because there are more type of graphics engines.

(I cross-posted this in games and ports)

Thank you

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