[Bug 233755] [NEW PORT] games/dxx-rebirth: Open source port of Descent and Descent 2

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> For future reference, using svn diff or atleast diff is easier
> for committers


sed 's/^X//' >games/dxx-rebirth/pkg-descr << '524fe70c0148e9d31768e7e4fa8bc0ee'
XAn open source re-implementation of Caesar III 
XWWW: https://github.com/bvschaik/julius

Are you sure about pkg-descr? :p

XWRKSRC=                ${WRKDIR}/${PORTNAME}-${PORTVERSION}-beta2

If you set DISTVERSION=0.60.0-beta2 as koobs suggested in addition to
EXTRACT_SUFX=-git.tar.gz you can drop these.

XUSES=          localbase:ldflags pkgconfig scons
XUSE_GL=                gl glu

This needs a USES=gl

XMAKE_ARGS+=    ignore_unknown_variables=1

Why += ?

XSUB_FILES=     pkg-message

I do not see any %%..%% in files/pkg-message.in so why not drop this and
move it to just pkg-message?

X               ${STRIP_CMD} ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/d1x-rebirth \
X                       ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/d2x-rebirth

Please fix the indentation here.  First-level indentation in targets starts
one tab only, not two.

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