[Bug 255799] ffs crash on ufs file system

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--- Comment #4 from Kirk McKusick <mckusick at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to doctor from comment #3)
Please disable journalled soft updates. For example if you are running on disk
/dev/ada0p2 on /mnt you disable journaling and check the filesystem using:

# unmount /mnt
# tunefs -j disable /dev/ada0p2
Clearing journal flags from inode 4
tunefs: soft updates journaling cleared but soft updates still set.
tunefs: remove .sujournal to reclaim space
# fsck -f -y /dev/ada0p2
# mount /dev/ada0p2 /mnt
# rm -f /mnt/.sujournal

Please capture the output of running the above commands. And once you have
made these changes let me know if you have any more "dup allocation" panics.

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